Hidden Structure

Beauty wilts
and love will flucture
what remains
is hidden structure

blushing primes
sly chiding knots
betwixt our thoughts

lives to create
chipping from
the ob’lisk slate

talk amoungst
our little selves
filling shelves

search we will
and see we’ll not
blindness is
our earthly lot

but the voice
of the void is vast
notice it
through the nets we cast

Ukulele Songs from the TamagaWHAT Seminar

This quarter (Spring 2018) we held a seminar on the Lurie-Gaitsgory proof of the function field case of the Tamagawa conjecture (Jora Belousov, Grigory Kondyrev, Yifeng Liu, and myself). I also started learning the uke, and I wrote a song for each talk (many use the tune of an existing song). I think the quality improved as I went on, so feel free to start from Lecture 8.

Lecture 3: Disk’s Edge

Lecture 4: Trace Face

Lecture 5: Bun and Ran

Lecture 6: Bernoulli Numbers

Lecture 7: Sheaves on Ran

Lecture 8: Beilinson-Drin(fel’d)

This quarter, I didn’t TeX most of the notes, and they are rather unseemly, but if you would like them, please feel free to email me.