My old laptop decal peeled away.

The phrase “JDX” is a motivator I write on everything from my notebooks to my bathroom mirror.

Grade 2 Braille for “just do it” translated into Grade 1 Braille is “j d x”. This is because “j”, “d”, and “x” are full word contractions in G2 when they are used outside of a word.

Braille Cell with VPython

The internet went down at my house, and I decided to play with vpython again!

#type individual brl cell using numkeys
from visual import sphere
R = 0.2 #filled dot radius
r = 0.1 #empty dot radius

#corresponds to numkeys
dotdict = {
'7': [1,3], #dot 1 
'4': [1,2], #dot 2
'1': [1,1], #dot 3
'8': [2,3], #dot 4
'5': [2,2], #dot 5
'2': [2,1] #dot 6

fulldot = dotdict.keys()

def draw(dots):
 [sphere(pos=dotdict[dot], radius=r) for dot in fulldot] #create empty dot matrix to represent empty cell
 [sphere(pos=dotdict[dot], radius=R) for dot in dots] #fill appropriate dots

print "Please enter stringn7t8n4t5n1t2n: "
string = raw_input()
if string.isdigit(): draw(str(string))

Let’s see it in action! The letter “j” (or “just” in G2):

Braille System Font

I mentioned that I set my system font to Braille in a previous post. This tutorial generalizes to any font you can find in a .ttf format!

Download the Braille TrueType Fonts.

13.04 +: sudo apt-get unity-tweak-tools
12.04: sudo apt-get myunity

Extract the .ttf files, click the file you desire and “Install Font.”

Open myunity, go to the font tab, and adjust as you please! An example of this font in action, which will spill across my navigation menus for the sake of resolution:

Visual Grade 2 Braille Dictionary Introduction

I learned braille for 3 reasons. The first is my hobby of picking something random and learning it. The second is because I wanted to learn touch typing. The third is because I often fell asleep while reading, and left the light on. This way, I can read myself to sleep without a light on!

If you are new to Braille, here is an explanation of the basics. Many fluent sighted Grade 1 Braille readers have trouble with the contractions, so I thought I’d share my memory aids.

This is a small subset of all Grade 2 contractions: this subset will be appended to sporadically as time goes on.

Grade 2 is a large set of contractions, I’ve broken them up into the following parts. Peruse and enjoy! :

3] Contraction for Part of Word
4] Final Letter Contraction for Middle or End of Word
5] Initial Letter Contraction for Whole or Part of Word
6] Abbreviation for Whole Word