I Write Poetry in Python

I enjoy songwriting. Here are the lyrics to a silly, fun song I wrote a couple of months ago.

I Write Poetry in Python by Catherine Ray

I have no life and I can prove it mathematically.
I judge your human worth using a spectrum of rationality
I know vector calculus but I can’t remember how to do long division.
When I compile, my waiting ritual resembles superstition.
I know how to integrate a chicken and take the derivative of water,
I had to pick just one, Asimov ‘s my favorite author.
And, I, I write poetry in Python.

You put the period outside the quotes! You’re not quoting the end of the sentence
What the heck do english majors know, anyway. Correction fail, I demand repentance!
I’ve gutted and rebuilt my laptop 5 times since I last changed the oil in my crappy car.
Yet, I’ll bet you I can’t name a single television star.
‘Cause I, I write poetry in Python.

I’ve got to bring a jacket with me, in the middle of summer,
’cause there’s a wind-chill factor in the lab, my priority is comfort
The three most dangerous things in the world are a programmer with a soldering iron,
a hardware engineer with a software patch,
and a user with an idea.
So, I, I just write poetry in Python.

Doctor Who Poems

I was writing a letter to my grandma. In the letter, I included a poem. My Uncle asked if I would send him more poems.

I asked him for a topic and promised to compose a poem for him. My Uncle requested Dr. Who and the following two “poems” resulted:

Alone by Catherine Ray

Alone in the night
A fiery man
through time
through space,
in step
with the scrape of an emergency brake.
The sound of adventure.
The sound of destruction.
The sound of the universe.
The sound of him.

TARDIS by Catherine Ray

Out from
the churning blue-black
it’s corners protrude.
From the box in the sky,
light falls forward.
A looking glass
the unaging intellect
whistling inside.