I Write Poetry in Python

I enjoy songwriting. Here are the lyrics to a silly, fun song I wrote a couple of months ago.

I Write Poetry in Python by Catherine Ray

I have no life and I can prove it mathematically. I judge your human worth using a spectrum of rationality I know vector calculus, but I can’t remember how to do long division. When I compile, my waiting ritual resembles superstition. I know how to integrate a chicken and take the derivative of water, I had to pick just one, Asimov ‘s my favorite author. And I… I write poetry in Python.

You put the period outside the quotes! You’re not quoting the end of the sentence What the heck do english majors know, anyway. Correction fail, I demand repentance! I’ve gutted and rebuilt my laptop 5 times since I last changed the oil in my crappy car. Yet, I’ll bet you I can’t name a single television star. ‘Cause I, I write poetry in Python.

I’ve got to bring a jacket with me, in the middle of summer, ’cause there’s a wind-chill factor in the lab, my priority is comfort The three most dangerous things in the world are a programmer with a soldering iron, a hardware engineer with a software patch, and a user with an idea. So, I, I just write poetry in Python.

Written on April 9, 2013