“The thing to keep in mind is that all these “basics” were once cutting-edge research. And the people who got to the bottom of these matters were not trivial idiots. They were great masters. The more you look at this material in this way, the more you’ll find you can tolerate it in good humor, and without fearing its deadening effects on your strange, wild mind.”

— Laurens Gunnarsen

“Basics” in Maths:

Medium Spice in Maths:

can be found on libgen if a link is not given

  • Analysis by Its History (by Hairer and Wanner)
  • Lectures on Number Theory (by Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet and edited by Dedekind)
  • Classics in mathematics: Problems and Theorems in Analysis I: Series, Integral Calculus, Theory of Functions (Polya and Szego)
  • The Algebra II Lectures of the Poetic Kazuya Kato

All Sorts of Neural Networks and Machine Learning