My name is Catherine Ray, and I’m a mathematician. My current research is namely in understanding the interplay of Galois theory and Galois representations with homotopy theory. Before I was in math, I worked mostly in scientific simulation, autonomous robotics, and medical technology.

Research publications:

Research preprints:

A Global Crystalline Period Map joint with M. Neaton and A. Pieper

In progress:

  • A Geometric Model of Higher K-theories at Height h=p^{k-1}(p-1) via Families of Ramified Curves — (my thesis in progress)
  • Covers of the Octahedron; joint with D. Lee
  • Duality resolutions for general linear groups; joint with E. Belmont, P. VanKoughnett

Expository writing:

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Curiosity is welcome: fractalcows@gmail.com